Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst GmbH
KHG is the German Nuclear Emergency Response Organization. It founded in 1977 by the companies operating nuclear power plants in Germany, together with the fuel cycle industry and major research centres. These companies have to take by law technical and personnel precautions to stabilize a plant following an accident or breakdown, to analyse the cause and to eliminate the resultant effects. Part of this emergency programme has been placed in the hands of KHG. KHG has 23 persons permanent staff members and is mainly divided into four sections: infrastructure, radiation measurement, decontamination, and emote handling. The main areas of responsibility of KHG are:

  • radiation measurements inside and outside of nuclear facilities,
  • radiation protection monitoring of personnel, especially operational staff,
  • recovering of radioactive material, as well as inspection and work at locations with maximum local dose rates, using remote-controlled manipulator vehicles.
  • decontamination of personnel, equipment and enclosed areas,
  • filtering waste air with mobile equipment,
  • collection of low-level radioactive waste water, and
  • equipping operational personnel with protective clothing and respiratory devices.