DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015 - Data Release

SAM_7747.JPGArena at the Darpa Robotics Challenge 2015



These bag files contain data captured at the Darpa Robotics Challenge 2015.

Dry run: Driving the car, climbing out of the car, opening the door, turning a valve, traversing debris, and finally the surprise task: open a cabinet door and pushing a button.

First run: Driving the car, climbing out of the car, opening the door, turning the valve, cutting a hole in drywall, traversing debris, and the surprise task: Operate a big switch. This was the best run, resulting in a fourth place for NimbRo Rescue.

Second run: Driving the car, opening the door, turning the valve, surprise task (plugging a hose), traversing debris. Here we suffered from an operator mistake during climbing out of the car, and temporarily got stuck in the debris.

The replayconfig.rviz file contains an RViz configuration file which shows important topics.

More information about our performance at DRC 2015 is available here:


Contact: Max Schwarz, University of Bonn (max.schwarz@uni-bonn.de)



UBO_NimbRo_Rescue_2015-06-05_dry_run.bag (~30 GB)
UBO_NimbRo_Rescue_2015-06-06_first_run.bag (~28 GB)
UBO_NimbRo_Rescue_2015-06-07_second_run.bag (~20 GB)
replayconfig.rviz (~19 KB)


Topic Definition:

Topic Name Topic Type Content
/camera_ground/image_raw/compressed sensor_msgs/CompressedImage Ground camera image
/camera_left_hand/image_raw/compressed sensor_msgs/CompressedImage Left hand camera image
/camera_overhead/image_raw/compressed sensor_msgs/CompressedImage Wide-angle overhead camera image
/camera_right/image_raw/compressed sensor_msgs/CompressedImage Right panoramic head camera image
/camera_right_hand/image_raw/compressed sensor_msgs/CompressedImage Right hand camera image
/momaro/diagnostics actuator_msgs/Diagnostics Actuator diagnostics (custom message type)
/vel_cmd momaro_base/BaseVelocityCommand     Operator base velocity command
/heightmapper/height_map momaro_heightmap/HeightMap 2D height map
/surfel_map/scene_pointcloud sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Pointcloud from global surfel map
/operator_cloud sensor_msgs/PointCloud2 Pointcloud from local surfel map
/scan sensor_msgs/LaserScan Raw 2D laser scans
/tf tf2_msgs/TFMessage ROS transforms (robot: base_link, world: world_corrected)