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Promotional Material

Poster “Project Overview”

Poster “System structure”

Poster “Robots and Exoskeleton”

Poster “Operation Concept”

Poster “Objectives and Implementation Plan

Social Media
CENTAURO Facebook page

Centauro Twitter account

DLR made a video of the SpaceBot Cup preparations featuring Momaro in November 2015. [YouTube link]

Hybrid Driving-Stepping Locomotion with the Wheeled-legged Robot Momaro. [YouTube link]

NimbRo Explorer@DLR SpaceBot Camp 2015. [YouTube link]

DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals: Best European Team NimbRo Rescue. [YouTube link]

Momaro Climbing Stairs. [YouTube link]

Footage of intermediate evaluation experiments with the Centauro robot. [YouTube link] [File Download]

Data Releases

Data Recordings from Robotic Challenges

DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015

DLR SpaceBot Camp 2015

Tools Data Set

RGB-D frames of different tools

Kinect v2 Data set

Repository for offline processing of raw Kinect v2 measurments