Department of Advanced Robotics
The Italian Institute of Technology, IIT, is a Research Foundation
established in 2006 to promote scientific excellence in “Humanoid” technology. The Institute currently has over 1000 researchers with over 85 working exclusively in robotics within the Dept. of Advanced Robotics. Research activities concentrate on an innovative, multidisciplinary approach to robotic design, and control, and the development of novel robotic components and technologies. There are four core areas; Humanoid Technologies (mechanism design, actuation and sensing, compliant systems, locomotion, control, physical Human-Robot Interaction, learning by imitation, reinforcement learning, and end-effectors, humanoids developed at IIT include iCub and COMAN), Biomimetic Technologies (high performance quadrupedal robots (HyQ) focusing on motion planning, gait generation and control, and power actuation), Biomedical Technologies and Haptic/VR technologies. The Advanced Robotics Dept. is currently involved or participated in the past in a number of EU projects including VIACTORS, AMARSI, OCTOPUS, HandDVi, AUTONRECON, SAPHARI, PANDORA, STIFF-FLOP, RALP, ACTIVE and WEARHAP